Is Travel Insurance to USA a must while traveling from India?

travel insurance usa

Travel Insurance USA

Travel insurance policies are customized to suit particular demographics. There are frequent travellers providing travel opportunities that are hassle-free for a specified duration. The travel insurance policy covers attain emergencies, medical and non-medical, regardless of whether you are travelling for leisure or business.  Now buying online insurance is possible and the offers coverage up to 85 years includes no medical tests. Get more about the Travel Insurance USA from here.

The United States of America is popular for its tourist destinations. There are tourists in millions flocking to see and experience this melting pot of cultures that is popular all around the world.  It is practical to consider buying travel insurance USA so that any travel-related emergencies and unforeseen expenses are taken care of while you can explore the unfamiliar country. In case you face any problem and you do not have US travel insurance, it may dent you substantially as the medical costs are very high in the USA and may end up disrupting your travel travel insurance

Travel Insurance India to USA

There is a need for travel insurance for USA for any solitary traveller frequenting the USA. Or even required for a travel freak enjoying with friends and family the new adventures. There is a great used in having travel insurance and it includes value-added benefits helping in making the trip a lifetime experience.  Typically, a travel insurance India to USA” covers three risks mainly:

  • Travel Disruption or Delay
  • Emergency medical expense
  • Baggage and passport loss

As you are not on any short trip, any disruption or delay may harm your plans for travel significantly. You have enough time to recovers from a baggage or passport loss incident. If someone is going on a 3 months trip to the US, it is important to have the risks covered, yet the 3rd option is very important in comparison to the 1 and 2.

US Travel Insurancetravel insurance india to usa

As a lot of people try to avoid taking travel insurance USA. You must remember that heading to the US and wishing to enjoy means you need to have a good insurance plan. The emergency medical cover even for a 3 months tour is important as it is a long stay. As a traveller, you exposed to the changing zones time, weather patterns that completely different, especially if your visit is in winter. The US has a medical care system that is expensive and relies on the insurance companies payments heavily. Practically, in the US, everyone pays premiums in huge amounts to stay insured. This is because it is impossible to handle the costs or to shell out the amount from your pocket.

Basically, the USD to INR exchange rate makes things worse.  In fact, with the current exchange rate of 71, it may cost per day around 1.5 lacs in comparison to 10 to 12,000 hospitalization cost. This is an expensive treatment costing 12-15 times more.

An average insurance offers coverage of $50,000 for 3 months to the USA for a 40-year-old costing 5000 rupees. However, the customers have an option to buy insurance in the US. If there is a relative living there, but they are very expensive.

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