How Student Travel Insurance offers the required covers to a student

student travel insurance

Student Travel Insurance International

Travel plan varies with coverage from one insurer to another. The add-ons selected the sum coverage and assured determines the coverage cost for the opted plan. Studying abroad or in foreign countries is certainly an exciting prospect. It also includes new places to explore, meet people and opportunities around the world and nervousness always exists. There is a need for student travel insurance to beat the nervousness as what if something takes place, which will help during the emergency.

Student travel plans cover a lot and there are benefits such as:
  • Accidental death benefit
  • Emergency medical charges
  • Permanent disability benefit
  • Loss of passport
  • Study interruption
  • Checked-in or loss or delay baggage
  • dental treatment emergency expenses
  • Sponsor protection
  • Medical tests or screening
  • Bail bond
  • psychological coverage

Eligibility to Buying Student Travel Insurance Policy

Here is the eligibility criterion to buy travel insurance plans.

Family travel insurance plans cater to adults up to 60 years and 2 children up to 21 years. Enjoying floater benefits is possible with these family travel policies.

Student travel insurance plans are mainly for students between 16 to 40 years enrolled in an institution for higher education. Student travel insurance international is for students enrolling at a foreign university from India such that they qualify for a student travel plan.

Senior citizen travel plans include seniors up to 85 years and do not need any medical screening to get this travel plan.

Schengen travel insurance plans are for adults up to 70 years as travel insurance international. This allows infants more than 90 days eligibility to get the insurance cover as Schengen travel and the aim of this travel should be business or insurance international


There are common exclusions such as:

  • Missed flights or trains due to civil war or local protests
  • Pre-existing conditions resulting in hospitalization
  • Expenses incurred owing to civil unrest or local protests
  • Loss or damage to keys
  • Baggage delay within 24 hours

The exclusions may vary from one policy to another.  Thus it is best to consider the travel plans quotes and compare few using the comparison feature available online. This helps in making a wise decision regarding the best travel policy.student travel insurance international

Additional Coverage

There are add-on benefits coming as travel insurance policies as you opt for more coverage. This is required for a person looking for extra protection layer and it may be available as cover only on paying the extra premium to the insurance company. These may include:

  • Pre-existing illnesses
  • Travel cover to war-prone destinations
  • Adventure/high-risk sports activities
  • Enhanced accidental death cover.

It is very important to avail a travel insurance cover that is comprehensive before commencing to travel. One must opt for features that offer contingencies travel related specifically. This prevents disappointment as you file for travel insurance claim.

Always carry the main document while travelling. Have photocopies handy of the document and keep a soft copy of the PDF or even store in the email, online or on a computer, pen drive or on the mobile phone.

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