ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance

icici lombard travel insurance

ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance is a must when you plan traveling abroad

Travel insurance is also known as overseas medical insurance or visitor insurance. This is an extraordinary facility provided by the insurance companies such as ICICI Lombard travel insurance.  This offers a cover against unforeseen situations while you are traveling abroad such as:

  • Personal accident
  • Passport loss
  • Medical expenses
  • Baggage loss
  • Trip cancellation or delay
  • Risks of traveling abroad

Any claim arising or is due owing to pre-existing medical ailment/ condition that is declared or undeclared remains uncovered under the policy.

Is USA travel insurance essential?

There is no doubt that the ICICI travel insurance is efficient and travel insurance in every travel plan is the backbone. One cannot travel safely without having a travel plan in hand. There is a need for a travel plan to face any unforeseen event coming up in or during a trip.usa travel insurance

Investing in a travel insurance appropriate plan is good, with the uncertain events happening such as robbery, thefts, and terrorist attacks, besides the unforeseen events increasing regularly, anything can get worse than imagined.  Having a USA travel insurance policy ensures complete protection and also offers compensation as emergency strikes. It is worth investing in a good insurance travel plan topping the travel plan list. Bear in mind that having a vacation package without proper travel coverage is incomplete.


Regrettably, a significant population percentage do not buy ICICI Lombard travel insurance policy. This is because they consider it to be a wasteful expenditure that gulps down money and time. Actually, it is not true. The plan works when any emergency strikes during your travel. Most insurance companies now offer online service and so time is not wasted. Logging on to the home comfort you can buy a plan that meets your budget.

The significance of Travel Insurance

icici travel insurance

Medical Expenses

The crucial reason for buying an ICICI Lombard travel insurance plan is covering the medical expenses during your travel abroad. In any unforeseen sickness or accident, instant medical assistance may be required and the cost of medical care may differ highly. In some countries, the expenses end up breaking the bank. This is the time an insurance policy takes care of the exorbitant expenses that may be inclusive of repatriation and ambulance.

Trip Cancellation

Again, trip cancellation also takes place due to several reasons such as a physical injury, sudden illness, accident, death, traveling companion illness, or so on forcing you to cancel the trip. This results in severe financial losses. In case, illness occurs only a few days prior to the trip, you may have already made many arrangements including the flights, tickets, accommodation, etc, that may result in trip cancellation resulting in heavy disappointment and loss. This is the time the travel insurance policy covers the losses.

Missed Flights

lombard travel insurance
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Travelers miss flights as the unusual event and such incidents occur on the way, it may be a traffic jam, a vehicle breakdown or even an accident. Handling an additional flight cost is possible having in hand a travel insurance plan such that the expenses fully covered.

Apart from these losses or theft of personal belongings, trip curtailment, and many such can save by taking travel insurance.

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