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Mediclaim Policy for a family,  must or not?

Family health insurance also referred to as a Mediclaim policy for family and it nowadays a necessity to have one. There is an unrelenting increase in the medical expense. You may go through medical treatment or may hospitalize for some reason and this is the time the Mediclaim policy comes to great help and covers the health care expenses of a family. Get more info from ICICI Lombard Health Insurance, they also providing the Travel Insurance services.

Mediclaim policy is a plan that gets health cover for the entire family insured. This can take for an entire family or even for an individual. There are insurance companies offering ICICI health insurance and offers the discount on premiums if it took for a family.mediclaim policy for family

Why does a family require Mediclaim Policy?

A prolonged treatment or sudden illness of an individual in a family makes take its toll and break the finances that a spanner is thrown into investment plans and regular savings.  Here are some of the benefits you can get away with Mediclaim policy:

  • Hospitalization expenses cover for illness/injury treatment as per the policy terms and conditions.
  • Pre-hospitalization expenses cover for a few days before and post hospitalization as per policy terms for specified days.
  • Claiming IT deduction for the paid premium under Sec 80D
  • Their cashless health insurance also offered by many insurance companies.

Considering Mediclaim policy means one must consider different Mediclaim policy types and they are:cashless health insurance

  • Individual Mediclaim: This planning policy covers the expense of hospitalization of an individual up to the limit of sum assured.
  • Family Floater Mediclaim: This is the Mediclaim policy enhanced version that has the value of sum assured floats for the family members such that each family member covered in a single plan to claim as sum assured by another family member.
  • Unit Linked Health: This health plan is a new addition by the companies offering health insurance and this done to combine health insurance and an investment plan to enjoy by the term end some fixed returns.

Family Mediclaim Policy with ICICI Lombard Health Insurance

There is a need to secure your family health with ICICI Lombard health insurance. This is to acquire a quality healthcare services timely need. The advantage of taking with renowned companies such as Lombard that they have tie-ups with leading hospitals facilitating cashless claims. Thus you are free from arranging cash at times of emergency. The in-house settlement team claim has the claim processing track record in 30 days time of a claim filling.icici health insurance

There are comprehensive features of Mediclaim policy and you can get details about reimbursement or cashless hospitalization visiting www.icicilombard.comWith the healthcare costs continuously on the rise and also is in association with medical issues that the Mediclaim policy is crucial for your family and you. Under the Mediclaim policy, anyone can opt for a floater or an individual cover, depending on the requirements.

Mediclaim Policy for Family referred to as family floater and it is custom-made for families. It acts as an umbrella for the entire family offering coverage. Family floater plans have options:

  • Single sum assured for the entire family
  • Individual sum assured plus individual sum assured.

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